Puzzle Caffe starts beta test on Google play!

Today, Berlin-based mobile game publisher Playsnak starts open beta with its first mobile game Puzzle Caffe on Google Play on the Android mobile platform. Any android phone or tablet user who as access to google play and a compatible device can join the beta and download the game for free after opting in for the beta.

Puzzle Caffe is a mobile sliding puzzle game based on a coffee theme. The player plays a dynamic sliding puzzle game to progress, collects coins to unlock new “Caffe”, which its recipes serve as different puzzle combining mechanism. Gamers will play to collect all 50+ Caffe variations to combine the perfect Caffe Menu to compete in the dynamic puzzle. As a Games-as-a-Lifestyle game, Playsnak promises to constantly update the Caffe roster.

The open beta of Puzzle Caffe on Google Play is going to provide gamers the opportunity to enter the game early, while Playsnak will utilize the beta to optimize the user experience until final release. Non-beta full release of Puzzle Caffe will happen in the coming weeks, as well as expansion into other platforms including iOS.