Can you work in a cooperative cross-disciplinary team environment? Do you possess solid artistic skills, including a thorough understanding of color theory, composition, light, and form? We are looking for the right people to come with us on an adventure wrought with untold dangers, chaos, and treasures. Still interested? Read below…

Required skills/experience:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of rendering, lighting, shading networks, polygonal modeling, and texture UV’s.
  • Creating and placing and adjustment of light sources within the environment and cut scenes.
  • Placement of special effects related to atmosphere, such as light flares, fog, god rays.
  • Look-development around key surfaces and shaders to ensure lighting delivers against visual reference
  • Tweaking of shading materials and textures to improve the perception of the lighting. Post processing; color grading, exposure, SSAO, bloom, tone mapping curves etc.


  • 3+ years professional game production experience
  • Expert Level Experience with Unreal and Unity
  • Deep understanding of CG lighting technology, both real-time and software rendering
  • Strong sense of lighting theory; color space, exposure, light fixtures, natural light, reflections etc…
  • Good understanding of cinematography and dramaturgy; the use of camera technology, scene blocking and lighting to set the mood.

Preferred skills/experience:

  • Personal game projects
  • Previous experience creating high quality AAA games
  • Interested in creating and playing atmospheric open world games
  • Able to work in VR without getting sick (Don’t worry we can test you during an onsite)

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