Neon Seoul: Outrun now available on Steam Early Access

It’s just over two weeks since we launched our futuristic VR racer, Neon Seoul: Outrun, on Oculus Early Access.

Today, we’re excited to be bringing the game to Steam Early Access as well—giving a new wave of speed freaks the chance to put their outrunning skills to the test.

Set in the cyberpunk city of Neon Seoul, the game invites you to weave a high-powered hoverbike through streets paved with danger. You’ll need to hug the racing line and avoid countless hazards if you don’t want your journey to come to a crashing halt, and—so far—players have been rising to the challenge. Our earliest outrunners have been racking up thousands of points and insane speeds in the battle to top the leaderboard and see their name up in lights in our weekly high score video. Do you have what it takes to surpass them?

All-new features

Whether you jump into Neon Seoul: Outrun via Oculus or Steam Early Access, you’ll benefit from a stack of tweaks and updates we’ve just implemented.

The latest build of the game features enhanced visuals that add more life and polish to the world, as well as gameplay improvements that impact the scoring system, HUD, hoverbike calibration and more. For full details of the update, see the build release notes here—or let your trusty Neon Seoul liaison, Coach Kincaid, run you through the highlights.



Coach Kincaid

If the above video is your first encounter with Coach Kincaid, you’ve got a bit of catching up to do. The ever-enthusiastic coach is here to keep you briefed on what’s new in the game, reveal weekly high scorers, and generally entertain you with his unfaltering energy. Be sure to listen carefully when he speaks—he might sound like a crazed wrestler from the future, but he knows what he’s talking about.

To keep up with all Coach Kincaid’s latest videos—as well as lots more from Neon Seoul: Outrun and the world of Playsnak—check out our official Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who has played the game so far, shared videos of their efforts, and given us feedback on the Early Access build. We hope you’ll keep coming back for more and spreading the word as we continue to enhance the experience.

Take a white-knuckle ride into the future in Neon Seoul: Outrun – available now on Oculus Early Access

Playsnak invites gamers to step into a cyberpunk world where speed is a state of mind

BERLIN – 7 December, 2017 – Get ready for the rush of VR hoverbike racing in Neon Seoul: Outrunan all-new IP from Berlin-based developer Playsnak, available now on Oculus Early Access.

Set in a sprawling cyberpunk universe, Neon Seoul: Outrun places you in the driving seat of a maxed-out hoverbike primed to clock up speeds of over 1,000km/h. You are an OutRunner—a rebel racer defying the AI overlords that control your world, and risking your life for the thrill of unfiltered, off-the-grid speed.

As you weave past rivals and seas of automated vehicles, an innovative control system invites you to lean into VR and steer your bike with intuitive body movements. No two track experiences are ever the same in Neon Seoul: Outrun, giving you endless challenges to overcome as you race to an atmospheric synthwave soundtrack featuring artists such as Isidor, Raphael Gesqua, and Noise Symphony.

The game is also the first installment in a larger cyperpunk saga from Playsnak, which will grow to include different types of VR experiences and storylines set in the same futuristic world. 

Game Director on Neon Seoul: Outrun, Patrick Esteves, said: “The game really harnesses the power of VR to give an authentic sense of speed and control in a racing game. Players will enter a universe where the sights, sounds, and stories all combine to fuel the adrenalin rush of fighting for first place. We’re bringing Neon Seoul: Outrun to Early Access today so our community can make its voice heard right from the start and help us to shape not only the gameplay, but also the immersive cyberpunk world we’re building.”

Neon Seoul: Outrun is the second new IP announced by Playsnak this month, following on from news that story-driven adventure Shaman: Spirithunter will come to Oculus Rift in 2018.

Neon Seoul: Outrun is available now on Oculus Early Access and Steam Early Access (coming soon).


About Playsnak

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